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When you lose a loved one, it is important to choose the right probate attorney.

Arlene Kline started as a paralegal for nearly twenty years when she got her law degree from Indiana School of Law.

There are several ways to administer the estates depending on the size of the estate, how the assets are owned, if there is a will or the person died intestate. Knowing the correct procedures and the timeline on how estates are to be handled will save mistakes and emotional stress on the personal representatives and the family.

Arlene Kline has assisted families all over the State of Indiana and has helped many clients and attorneys from other estate when the decedent died in Indiana or died in another state leaving assets in Indiana.

For your estate planning or probate needs call the Law Office of Arlene Kline at (317) 644-1407 or (317) 644-8282.

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Law Office of Arlene Kline
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